2024 Reflections

2024 is our 21st years of raising Premium grouse dogs,! It seems like forever in some ways and it seems like we just started.
We have produced so many wonderful Elhew puppies and the puppies we are producing now are the best puppies we have seen it terms of making dogs that can handle grouse at an above average level. Possessing unmatched natural ability and a range comfortable for the foot hunter in field or woods. So the future is bright for the grouse hunter looking for a true grouse dog! We are committed to using only select Elhew’s of certain bloodlines.
Thank you to all the folks that are making memories with one of our puppies it’s been you who have made 21 years possible.
We have a young 15 month old wht/blk male Cross Timber Elhew Torrent, from our last litter by Cross Timber Elhew Explorer X Cross Timber Elhew Arashi, he has had a good first season and we have high hopes in him.
We also have plans to keep a female from our next litter by Cross Timber Elhew Explorer.
It’s also hard to believe that I have been grouse hunting with dogs for close to fifty years. It all started when I was 12 years old following my grandfather in pursuit of ruffed grouse. I caught the grouse hunting fever early and still get excited hunting grouse over a pointing dog!

This year we have a few litters planned.
Litter 1. Cross Timber Elhew Arashi to be bred to a select Elhew male. Expected March breeding.
Litter2. Cross Timber Elhew Explorer x Robinsons Elhew Sadie due to be whelped 2/09/2024
This cross contains great grouse dogs in both parents pedigree and loaded with unbelievable natural ability, dogs that train easily , and mature into great wild birddogs. But then Cross Timber Elhew Explorer is such a great producer seeming with any female! He has produced 12 litters from 6 different females and all good puppies.
Litter 3. Also we have plans to breed Creek Timber Elhew Pearl to Cross Timber Explorer.

I want to thank all of you who are part of the Cross Timber Pointers family having purchased one of our Premium Elhew puppies.
Our passion is still grouse hunting and Elhew grouse dogs.
Thank you,
Cross Timber Pointers
Steve & Gail Creech
(859) 585-1410

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